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Art in Conversation
with Syona


Born in Romania, in 1967, Syona (a.k.a. Simona Dan) originally pursued over 2 decades a brilliant career as a contemporary dance choreographer. Graduate of the Romanian University of Science and Arts (Bachelor of Arts in Performing Arts, major in Choreography and minor in Scenography), Simona run workshops on self-awareness, self-exploration and recovery of inner potential through movement, using techniques and elements of self-awareness, introspection through dance, defining the space in which bodily forms become words, generating authentic and deep messages from the inside to the outside...

Painter | United Kingdom

Artist Statement

Settled in the UK in 2018, Simona started to paint upon a "call received in her heart" - as she likes to say - thus, "Syona" being born... Simona's passion for choreography was therefore beautifully transposed by Syona in colour, texture and flow.

Today, with confidence, Syona discovers the world of abstract art and positions herself in a natural way. She is particularly fond of textures and the superposition of layers of colours. The large-format inspires her. Syona mainly uses acrylic as a medium, known for its versatility, its composition making possible both almost solid 3-D structures, and fluid forms, almost aquatic. The quick drying allows faster colour superposition. Syona uses both brush and spatula as tools of choice for her paintings. She likes to use paint and gold leaf, to bring vibrance to her paintings, since the mixture of the two mediums creates magnificent and original effects.

As a multi-disciplinary artist, with a background in scenography and choreography, I position myself in the world of abstract expressionist art and work mainly with acrylic as a medium. Its versatility makes possible both solid 3-D layers and fluid aquatic forms. I am particularly fond of textures and the superposition of layers. In order to bring vibrance to my paintings, I like to mix acrylic with other mediums, such as gold leaf, mâché or even gravel, since the mixture of those elements creates magnificent and original effects.

Through my abstract art, I explore the boundaries between the known and unknown, tending to dissolve the gap between observers and the object observed, in a space where useless questions leave us with the search for truth, in a moment of stillness.

Every time my brush touches the canvas, I am making a mark. It is a fundamental element in making any type of art and it’s how I begin to express emotion, movement, and other concepts I wish to convey in an artwork. It becomes possible, then, not simply to paint something, but to create something. To create and re-create myself. That is the miracle. That is the very reason I paint.

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