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Art in Conversation
with Teli Iacsa


TELI IACSA - experimenting as a small 'artist' all her life - debuted with glass painting in 2010.

Born on February 28, 1976, in Bucharest, she exhibited until recently, both in the country and abroad, under the name of Teofilia Juravle.

She discovered the technique of glass painting at the Popular Art School in 2003-2005, the period in which she received the Third Prize at the Exhibition-national icon contest "To You We Pray!/Rugamu-ne tie!" 2004, for interpreting the religious icon on glass.

She won the Excellence Award at the EMINESCIANA International Creation Contest, 6th edition in Iasi.

Visual Artist | Romania

Artist Statement

From 2012 until now she has 6 solo exhibitions (two of which in Switzerland) and has participated in numerous group exhibitions, biennials, art salons, and creative camps in cities in Romania, Bulgaria, Morocco, India, France, Switzerland, and Japan. . Among them are worth mentioning the "Danubian" Art Biennale, from Bulgaria, ArtPosition - Friborg, Switzerland, Signs - exhibition initiated by the artist at Galerie Cathedrale in Switzerland, Salon d'Art Contemporain à Essaouira (SACE), Morocco, «À nous Brancusi», Paul Amarica Gallery, Paris, France, 'Add To Address Book' Project CABARET VOLTAIRE - Zurich, Switzerland and the Biennial of Object Books in India, Goa, and Tokyo, Japan as well as creative camps in Greece (Asprovalta) and France (Ige) - where she also exhibited.

During these 20 years, she painted about: what she loves and the present («T.I.!»), Longing and past («Missing the flight» / «Flying weather vane»), future and dream worlds («Dreams and dreams»), love and loneliness ("I love love"), sewn signs, signs from God, scars ("signs") and national identity ("identity").

She is currently working on a new series that refers to spiritual identity.

Born in Bucharest, in 1976

On the way to her career, ever since middle school, she develops and nourishes her passion for painting, design, and bricolage/handcraft.


2003-2005 Bucharest Popular School of Arta - Design section, glass painting professor Gabriela Corut

2004 III-rd Award @National Contest-Exhibition „Rugamu-ne Tie!" 2004 for religious icon interpretation on glass „Constantin si Elena”, Pitesti, Romania

Mai 2011 Special Jury Award @Gala „Oameni pentru oameni”/ „People for People” for HEARTizanat project

2016 Excelency Award @International Creation Contest  Eminesciana IV th edition 2016, Iasi, Romania

2018 Mention awarded @ Bienala de Carte Bibliofila si de Carte-Obiect, 1st edition, Muzeul National al Literaturii Române, Bucharest, Romania


June 2020 “Culoare si Poveste de Iubire”/”Color and Love Story” @Rotenberg Uzunov Art Gallery, Bucharest, Romania

March 2020 “Romanian popular art signs and stories” @Romanian Cultural Institutul, Galatasaray Cultural Center, Istanbul, Turkey

March 2016 “Identity“ @Gallery, Bucharest , Romania

March 2015 “Vise si visuri“ (“Rêves et Rêveries”) @Burgbuhl Professional Training Center, St.Antoni, Switzerland

November 2014 Expozitie la Galeria Cathédrale, Fribourg, Switzerland

August 2013 “Girueta zburatoare”, @ National Cercul Militar, Bucharest, Romania

May 2012 "T.I.!", Cercul Militar National, sala Ronda, Bucharest, Romania


January 2020 Biennale of Bibliophile Book and Book-Object, II-nd edition, National Muzeum of Romanian Literature, Bucharest, Romania

Septembrie 2019 Art Walk Street AWS, outdoor festival, Bucuresti Romania

Mai 2019 Expo Romanian Design Week in aTELIer ISAF, Bucharest Romania Septembrie 2018 Art Walk Street AWS, outdoor festival, Bucuresti Romania

June 2018  Expozitie colectiva, Sighisoara, Romania

January 2018 Biennale of Bibliophile Book and Book-Object, 1st edition, National Museum of Romanian Literature, Bucharest, Romania

December 2017 Salonul International de Arta Naiva 2017 - Teatrul National Bucharest, Romania

August 2017 EIBAB JAPAN 2017, European BookArt Biennale Collection Romanian Artists Exhibition Gallery YUME, TOKYO JAPAN

June 2017 “Careu de dame”, editia a III-a, Galeria de Arta “Ion Neagoe” a Casei Corpului Didactic “Spiru Haret”, UAP, Iasi, Romania

June 2017 Salonul National de Plastica Mica, VIII-th edition, Braila, Romania April 2017 ‘Gold’ , Gallery, Bucharest, Romania

November 2016 THE 4TH INTERNATIONAL BOOK ART BIENNALE 2016 – Goa, India November 2016 ‘Add To Address Book’, CABARET VOLTAIRE – Zurich, Switzerland

October 2016 ‘Signs, Gallery, Bucharest, Romania

September 2016 ‘Sous le Signe De Pierre Lemaire’, Château La Grande Riedera, Le Mouret, Switzerland

August 2016 ‘Sous le Signe De Pierre Lemaire’ Chapelle de Domange. Igé, France

July 2016 «À nous Brancusi» Galerie Paul Amarica, Paris, Franta

July 2016 La 2eme édition du Salon d’Art Contemporain à Essaouira (SACE), Maroc

June 2016 Concurs international de Creatie "Eminesciana" 2016, Editia a 6-a, Iasi, Romania

May 2016 Occident Expres @ Galeria Occidentului, Bucharest, Romania

January 2016 Salonului National de Arta Plastica “Atitudini Contemporane” ediia a IX-a, la Galeria de Arta aUAP Ploiesti, Romania

December 2015 Salonul National de Arta Plastica “Atitudini Contemporane” editia a VIII-a, Retrospectiva, Bucharest, Romania

October 2015 « Signs » la Galeria Cathédrale, Fribourg, Switzerland

September 2015 Artoposition, Fribourg, Switzerland

August 2015 Expozitie jubiliara Clubul Roman din Baden, Galeria Anixis, Baden, Switzerland

September 2014 Art Bienalle “Danubiana”, Silistra, Bulgaria

August 2014 Art Bienalle “Danubiana”, Ruse, Bulgaria

Aprilie 2014 „Valul Grecesc”, Centrul Cultural UNESCO “Ionel Perlea” Slobozia, Romania March 2014 “Valul grecsc”, la Muzeului Militar National „Ferdinand I”, Bucharest, Romania August 2013 “Peisaje”, la Galeria Elite Prof Art, Bucharest, Romania

June 2012 "Iubirea in cuplu", la Galeria de pe Chei, Bucharest, Romania

Nov 2011 „Calatorind prin lume”, la Galeria Elite Prof Art, Bucharest, Romania

Sept 2011 „Culorile toamnei”, la Galeria Elite Prof Art, Bucharest, Romania

Sept 2011 „Bucharestiul de ieri si de azi”, la Galeria Elite Prof Art, Bucharest

June 2011 „Salonul de grafica”, la Galeria Elite Prof Art, Bucharest

May 2011 Eveniment caritabil „Ajuta copiii prin arta”, HEARTizanat @GhikaPalace,Bucharest

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