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Art in Conversation with Teodor Vescu


In Teodor Vescu's art there is a combination of ample plastic vibration, of the lushness of dreaming and the rigorous conception of the met forms, cut from the real forum, in various moments of the day or detached of it. His paintings that does not lack the picturesque, the visual jubilation, expressed in a balanced chromatic range, in simple, vibrant tones, able to compose a true dance of the joy of the moment and of the light. Painters who know how to build an atmosphere are rare, regardless of geographical space or season.

Teodor Vescu is among them; it is an exponent of great painting that starts from the ABC of form, to the well-mastered drawing. Maybe that's why it gives us the impression of the frantic flow of a river, without detours, without perilous meanders. This is what Teodor's painting looks like, truly worthy of the halls of a museum.

Veronica Marinescu

Painter | Romania

Artist Statement


"N. Grigorescu" Academy of Fine Arts - Bucharest, 1982 promotion.
"Costin Petrescu" creative scholarship.
Full member of UAP in Romania since 1990.
"Creative Diploma" awarded by C.Arnal (magazine "Pif", France), at the international comics competition (1973).

"Honorary diploma" on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the establishment of the National Military Circle (2001).
Mentioned in the encyclopedia of contemporary personalities (1997) "Who's who in the Balkans".
"Honorary diploma" on the occasion of the 130th anniversary of the establishment of the National Military Circle (2006).
Mentioned in "Critical and Documentary Lexicon" - (Mircea Deacc, 2008).
Mentioned in the "Dictionary of Romanian personalities" - (2010 edition).

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