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Art in Conversation with Victor Grigore


Nobody really knows what fascinates Victor Grigore, when he travels the long daily road from his house in Primaverii Street to a friend's residence or to the bread kiosk on the street corner, because being modest and stepping on the sidewalk tiles, no it would be suspicious that this exponent of the prestigious School of Painting in Baia Mare, who looks like a certain citizen, is essentially a romantic identity that has doubts about the fundamental things of existence, such as the search for God. Identifying him in the direct values of painting and relating his art to recognizable worlds by configuring emotion, blasphemy, ephemeral feelings on the basis of compositional conventions inherited from the great predecessors of plastic creation, Victor Grigore's availability for the human being, for portrait and for the female nude, it makes him an expansive painter through the chromatics and the way of receiving the anthropomorphic universe.

Painter | Romania

Artist Statement

In the center of my preoccupations is the man in all its humanity, seen as superior being, meditating, living in harmony with the universe; seen outside of their mundane, daily preoccupations. In revealing the psyche of the characters in my paintings, the eye and the gaze are paramount – rather as gates facilitating access to the inside, to the deepest feelings. The availability to study human beings is also aided by reading in psychology, psychoanalysis, and alchemy.

In his works, the form belongs to the new realism and the color to expressionism obvious through touch and nuance. Direct experience is annihilated by the control of facial muscles in portraits and the structure of the human body in nudes.

The oversized faces know a fullness of the plastic discourse, a sumptuousness that touches the monumental, the artist eviscerating the model's feelings with the devouring edge of the pupil, while in front of the nude he lurks like a lover who wants to discover the seductive waves of the body, sensuality, and secrets. flowing lines translated in drawing by convexities and concavities hidden in the arching and angularity of natural shapes, in the contrast between closed and open, in the softness of sensual flesh. Although harmony is no longer a constant concern or one of the aesthetic goals of painting, Victor Grigore puts this controversial issue first.

Chromatic chords that emphasize expressiveness, symmetry as a possibility of compositional balancing are part of his practical props. Secondly, the balance can be read in the general contours of a portrait, and the asymmetry is detected in the main layer of the plastic reading, at the chromatic level.

The alternation between the stable atmosphere of the elements visible in the main routes, present in both closed and open compositions, is counterbalanced by the instability of the drawn strokes so that the rhythm detected in the brushstrokes or wild spots of color induces a contained unity, indescribable. especially when the painter renders the light in cool shades and the shadow in warm tones as in the painting "The Actor".

VICTOR GRIGORE  (born March 15, 1978, Slobozia)

Graduate of the North University of Baia Mare painting department;

Graduate of Faculty of Fine Arts and Design from Timisoara specialization painting 2008.


-“The spirit of the place” March 2007 “Petre Dulfu” County Library - Salon Baia Mare Arts

-“Europe” exhibition complex “Colonia pictorilor” Baia Mare 2007

-Collective exhibition George Enescu Museum Bucharest -Y @ A event November 2007

-Collective exhibition Romanian Athenaeum - Y @ A event, November 2007

-Collective exhibition within the Crystal Ball organized by the House Royal of Romania -Y @ A partner, Arad, December 2007

-Franco s Marina galla-Y @ A partner June 2008

-Kunstart Art Fair Bolzano Italy Y @ A partner 2008

-Spring Salon of U.A.P Ialomita branch, April 2012

-Collective exhibition "Spring Smile", February 2012, Protopiatului Hall Calarasi.

-Spring Salon of U.A.P Ialomita branch, April 2013.

-Autumn Salon of U.A.p Ialomita branch 2013.

-Constanta Art Museum, Traveling Exhibition of the Ostrov Art Camp 2013, October 25-November 3, 2013

- Traveling exhibition of the Ostrov Art Camp 2013, November 4-14 Calarasi.

- Traveling exhibition of the Ostrov Art Camp 2013, November 16-25 November Ruse, Bulgaria.

-Annual Arts Salon 4th edition, November 19-30, 2013, Calarasi, Casa Exhibitions.

-National Painting Salon of U.A.P Bucharest Painting branch, 18 November-December 8, 2013 Simeza Hall.

-The Spring Salon of the U.A.P Ialomita branch April 23, 2014.

-Group exhibition, Constanta Art Museum, Alexandru Ciucurencu Hall, April 11-May 21, 2014.

-Autumn Salon of U.A.P Ialomita branch, 04.11-30.11, 2014.

-Summer Exhibition 2014 Calarasi June 3-30, 2014 Exhibition House.

-Annual Arts Salon 2014,15.12.2014-15.02.2015, Calarasi, Foaierul Calarasi County Council.

-National Exhibition of Small Plastics, Braila, 21.03-21.04 2015. Gallery of Braila art.

-Spring Salon of UAP Ialomita branch April 22, 2015

-Annual Arts Salon 2015 17.06.2015-15.07.2015. Calarasi

-National Exhibition of Small Plastics 2016, March 10-April 13, Braila Art Galleries.

- Spring Salon 2016 of U.A.P Ialomita branch, April 12, Galleries Arcadia, Slobozia, Ialomita.

-National Exhibition of Arts "Foundations" 2016, spring edition, May 6, Constantin Brancusi Hall, Parliament Palace, Bucharest.

-National Exhibition of Arts "Foundations" autumn edition, October 10-31 October, 2016, Constantin Brancusi Hall, Parliament Palace, Bucharest.

- “Open Windows” - Danube from the spill to the springs, July 7-30, 2016 Silistra Art Museum, Bulgaria.

-Autumn Hall, Calarasi, October 2016, Municipal Museum Calarasi.

- Autumn Salon of the U.A.P Ialomita Branch, November 8, 2016, Arcadia, Slobozia, Ialomita galleries.

-Annual Art Salon 9th edition, February 11, 2017, Municipal Museum Calarasi.

- The National Salon of Arts “Foundations” 12th edition June 2017, Bucharest, Parliament Palace, "Constantin Brancusi" hall.

- Annual Watercolor Salon, August 11, 2017, Lower Danube Museum Calarasi.

- Collective painting exhibition - “JEAN-LOUIS CALDERON” SOCIO-CULTURAL CENTER, Bucharest, December 13, 2017.

-Plastic art exhibition, Friday, February 9, 2018, Calarasi’s Lower Danube Museum

-Grace and femininity, collective exhibition, Lower Danube Museum, Thursday, March 8, 2018.

-Spring Hall, Calarasi, 2018, Saturday, April 14, Lower Danube Museum.

-Annual Watercolor Salon, 2nd edition, Wednesday, August 15, 2018, Lower Danube Museum.

-Autumn Hall, Saturday, September 15, 2018, Lower Danube Museum, Calarasi.

-Symbols of the Great Union, collective exhibition, vinery, November 16, 2018, Museum of the Lower Danube Calarasi.

-Autumn Salon of U.A.P Ialomita, Ionel Perlea Cultural Center, Arcadia Gallery, Wednesday, November 7, 2018.

-Spring Hall 2019, Saturday, March 9, Museum of the Lower Danube Calarasi.

-Annual of Religious Art, 2019, “Dimitrie Gusti” Village Museum, April 21, 2019, Bucharest.

-Annual Art Exhibition, Calarasi Municipal Museum, Friday, June 28, 2019.

-Annual Watercolor Exhibition, Saturday, August 24, 2019, Museum of the Lower Danube Calarasi.

-Exhibition of the Romanian-Bulgarian creative camp in Srebarna, Silistra art gallery August, 2019.

-Autumn Salon of U.A.P Ialomita branch, “Ionel Perlea” Cultural Center Friday, November 15, 2019.

-Autumn Hall, Lower Danube Museum, Calarasi, November 2, 2019.

-Winter Salon organized by the Branch Association of Religious Art and Restoration of the U.A.P in Romania, Orizont Gallery, Bucharest 2019.

-Chromatic Agreements, collective exhibition, “Alexandru Odobescu” library Calarasi, January 15, 2020.

-April 23-May 17, 2020, National Art Biennial "Camil Ressu" Galati.

-National Small Plastic Salon - Braila, XXII edition, Braila Art Gallery, Saturday, 27.02.2021.


- "Beyond the look" the exhibition space of the Prefecture of Calarasi County, September 29-October 31, 2011.

-Personal exhibition, Unesco Cultural Center Ionel Perlea, Arcadia Gallery, Slobozia, July 2012.

- Personal exhibition "Imaginarium" Exhibition house, Directorate headquarters, October 1-31 County for National Heritage Calarasi, 2013.

-Personal exhibition of painting and graphics, Municipal Museum Calarasi, July 16, 2015.

-Subjective, painting exhibition, July 15, 2017, Calarasi Municipal Museum.

-Metamorphosis, painting exhibitionIalomita County Museum, August 23, 2017.


Ostrov art camp 2013, Roman-Bulgarian August

August 31- September 6, Documentation and Create Camp 2015 of the second edition of Ostrov

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