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Art in Conversation with Victoria Cozmolici


Victoria Cozmolici manages to Christianize the way of interpreting the social impact, through the prism of a completely unexplained retreat for the reason of the ordinary consumer. It becomes clear that the format the artist chooses is read imported from the Western visual dimension, with the diligence to give the stylistic elements much more emotional temperature, applying relationships of refined-deep nuances in his chromatic voice.

Valentin MASLOV

Painter | Republic of Moldova

Artist Statement

The postmodernist message of the paintings can hardly be deduced from the context of a delayed modernism characteristic of popular plastic artists. After the classical school offered to most of the crafts and the modernist influence of the '90s, not every talent manages to overcome the resistance of provincial comfort, in order to become enrolled in the universal universal circulation. Here, too, paradoxically, artistic universality unfolds from logical cycles of authentic original languages. It's complicated to feel unique, in the amalgam of biographies and masterpieces on a supersocial level. And Victoria Cozmolici succeeds in this, due to the courage with which she claims to treat the individual in clearly delicate situations.

Valentin MASLOV

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