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Art in Conversation
with Vinicius Les


Vinicius Les (b. 17.Noiembrie. 1987), Baia Mare, Romania

2007-2010 Fine Art Painting and Design BA, West University of Timisoara

If you transcend the idea that a tree is a tree you'll see the most fantastic sculpture.

Day in and day out, we rush through our mundane existence without truly seeing and enjoying the natural elements that surround us. This is precisely the main purpose of my work: to take the viewer closer to nature, to set them free to wander around my works and roam around the regnum from which they were all inspired.

My ceramic works aim to reflect the essence of nature in its organic shapes and to question the way we perceive our natural surroundings.

Sculptor | United Kingdom

Artist Statement

The process I undergo relies on documenting and curating a collection of natural forms such as details of a plant, insects, or the water-life, with the help of photography, drawing, memory, and also through casual conversations on the beauty of nature.

After coming closer and closer to nature for a period of time, I then completely change the context and distance myself from it so that everything I’ve researched becomes embedded in my memory and ultimately into my subconscious. With time, this helps me produce a body of work that is based on a random selection of repressed ideas related to nature. This methodology keeps me away from reproducing something specific from nature and allows my idea to emerge.

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