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Art in Conversation with Viorel Cosor


“The predominantly adept artist of the big surfaces displays his inner restlessness, his turmoil, his dreaming, through the two directions of his preoccupations, a cumulative one ... with abstract surrealistic implications and another selective one with the emphasis on detail, focused gesture and accentuated, enhanced contrast by essentialized chromatic accents.”

Ciprian Radovan, in the Preface text of the personal exhibition Sintropia, 2019

Painter | Romania

Artist Statement

In my view, abstract expressionism proves viable because it is a correspondent of today's drama, of fears of all kinds, ranging from permanent threats to ecological disasters and climate disturbances.

The current type of expressionism involves dramatic nuances, but at the same time, it instills in me vitalistic reactivities with childhood memories, with “tachiste” variants, spectacular through the proper gesturalism.

I believe in authentic painting, lived with the passion of a discreet lyricism, but triggered by storm and inventiveness, then everything calming down on its own, once it found some meaning towards slow exhaustion. The "props" of my painting are childhood, the physical elements of memory, but also some concrete things that manifest their tensions of a reality that gives narrative time to the works that suddenly introduce me from the viewer to the character of the created images.

The elements of language, signs, circle, square, rectangle, specific to the adjacent symbol, intuited or memorized, often presumed to be accepted by the interlocutor, return obsessively in my paintings. Without being modest, I find a balance in my existential anonymity and believe that I am one of the visual artists of our time.

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