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Art in Conversation with Vlad Tabac


The meeting with Vlad Tabac's painting impresses with a certain state, a mood created by the deep, seductive dialogue between shadow and light.

Passionate about the figurative universe, the artist goes beyond the simple intention to reproduce reality, trying to penetrate another layer of existence, of tactile and visual perception.

Thus, the simplest subjects - landscapes, static natures with fruits, flowers - become an opportunity to transfigure the banal reality into an almost unreal, dreamy one, into an optical weightlessness.

Cezara Gheorghita 

Painter | Republic of Moldova

Artist Statement

Capturing light-shadow impressions through the intensity of color, hue and texture are the pretexts of the decorative interpretation of the balance between figurative detail and the imaginary expression of the mood suggested to the viewer. The identifiable elements of the compositions induce the formation of the connection with the representativeness of the real without excessive clarifications. The invitation to engage the public by suggesting a slight feeling of uncertainty imposes the sentimental state of contemplation of the ephemeral.

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