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Art In Conversation is about sharing, is about inspiring a relationship with art through direct conversation with artists.

Art In Conversation is also about opening perspectives into Romania and its rich and inspiring history, traditions, landscapes and vibrant culture. We are looking forward to introducing artists around the world to this space and invite them to come and create in Romania for determined periods of time.

Their works and hearts will carry the spirit of the Romanian lyrical universe wherever they are.

Our mission has two purposes: 


  • To promote Romanian artists and designers and to create a direct connection between artists and audiences across the world.

  • To introduce and connect artists around the world with Romania and its cultural realm. 


Meet our friends, artists from all over the world whose work is inspired by Romanian cultural space. 

Artists in Residence, Valeni, Romania

Photos coutesy to Baron Michael de Stircea.

Baron Michael de Stircea is a patron of arts. His  “Vision for Valeni” is to create a cultural center for artists, musicians, composers, writers and poets.  For some years, he has run a successful artist residency where painters and printmakers are invited to record the landscape, the people and way of life.  

Bridget MacDonald

Bridget came with her husband to Valeni, Romania and was particularly drawn to paint the local people. Here are three of her works.

Olga & Costica - Valeni, Romania jpg.JPE

BRIDGET MACDONALD, Olga and Costica | charcoal on paper

Valeni Church.JPEG

BRIDGET MACDONALD, Valeni Church | oil on canvas

Pareskeva's lunch.JPEG

BRIDGET MACDONALD, Parascheva’s Breakfast | oil on canvas

Richard Caston

Richard has been twice to Valeni, Romania.  He is British but lives in Dusseldorf.  These are three of his paintings


RICHARD CASTON, Ravine in Valeni forest | acrylic on canvas


RICHARD CASTON, Valeni church | acrylic on canvas


RICHARD CASTON, View from Valeni  | acrylic on canvas

Christopher Castle

Chris has been many times to Valeni, Romania which he loves so much it is nearly his second home!  He has made a deep study of the Cucuteni culture and is in close touch with the archaeological team at Iasi.  Two years ago he had an art exhibition of his Cucuteni themed work at the newly restored Palace of Culture in Iasi.


CHRISTOPHER CASTLE, Cucuteni Forest | acrylic on canvas


CHRISTOPHER CASTLE, Cucuteni motifs | acrylic on canvas

IMG_4961 (2016_01_27 10_19_38 UTC).jpeg

CHRISTOPHER CASTLE, Cucuteni motifs | studies

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