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U.S. Virtual Launch Event Art in Conversation

We invite you on Thursday, September 9th at 9 pm EST / 6 pm PST to joins us in the U.S. for its Virtual Launch Event.

U.S. Virtual Launch Event – Art in Conversation 

Art in Conversation is a platform whose role is to build, share, and inspire a relationship with art by having a direct conversation with the artists. 

Our vision is to encourage and support this prevailing relationship while opening the hearts and the minds of the American people about what truly is authentic Romania.

We invite you on Thursday, September 9th at 9 pm EST / 6 pm PST to joins us in the U.S. for its Virtual Launch Event.

Art In Conversation provides an interactive platform for dialogue between Romanian artists and American audiences and seeks to engage partnerships and collaborations.  
The platform aims to widen the perspectives into Romania and its rich and inspiring history, traditions, landscapes, and vibrant culture. 

We are looking forward to introducing American artists to this space and invite them to come and create in Romania for determined periods of time. Their works and hearts will carry the spirit of the Romanian lyrical universe wherever they will be. 

The event is being organized by Art in Conversation with the support of the Romanian Embassy to the U.S., Romanian Cultural Institute in New York, Consul General of Romania in LA, Cosmin Dumitrescu, PhD., RACC- LA Chapter, EuroAtlantic Business Club Sibiu, Romanians of DC, Bucharest Inside the Beltway, and See Beyond. 

Media Partner – TVR International


Mari Calai, Washington, DC (Visual artist, Art in Conversation Ambassador for Washington DC and Seoul, South Korea)
Ioana Nestorescu-Balcesti, London, UK (Visual Artist and Art director/co-founder Art in Conversation)

Guest speakers

Calin Huma, UK (Honorary Consul for Romania in SW England and co-founder of Art in Conversation) – ‘Art in Conversation Mission & Vision’
Cosmin Dumitrescu PhD., LA (Consul General of Romania in LA)
Dorian Branea, NY (Director of the Romanian Cultural Institute (ICR) in New York)
Dr. Aura Imbarus, LA, (President and Founder of See Beyond and Ambassador for Art in Conversation) – ‘Wordless Communication’
Jaqueline Quirk, NJ (Soprano and Ambassador for Art in Conversation) - ‘Introducing AIC Intercultural Series - Kathleen Reilly Beausoleil’
Bogdan Banu, Washington, DC (Founder of Romanians of DC) – ‘How to successfully engage the diaspora in cultural diplomacy?’
Cristina Bejan, Denver, Colorado (Award-winning Romanian - American historian, theatre artist, and spoken word poet) – ‘Romanian as Multicultural America’

Invited artists ART IN CONVERSATION 

Mari Calai - 
Andrei Nistor -  
Diana Lemnaru - 
Nora Blaj 
Florin Bejinari -

The event will take place via Zoom and broadcast live on Facebook. Register in advance for this meeting:

For more information, please contact us at

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Art in Conversation and Dumitru-Dorin Prunariu, Romanian Cosmonaut, celebrates 40 years since his flight in space with a unique series of paintings dedicated to this occasion. 


Art in Conversation launches the “First Flight - 40 years” Silent Auction where, exclusively, our artists are committing a number of dedicated artworks.


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With the latest 3D technology we allow you to preview and present your art wherever you are, at any given time.

Please read the information about Augmented Reality and how to view selected artwork in your room.

All other events are postponed due to coronavirus restrictions and will reopen when government guidance allows.


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