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I'm a happily married mother of 2 (not the Kodak picture one), owner of a cat and a dog and madly passionate about interior design, creating beauty around us and enjoying life.

In the last years I've tried to figure out when my relationship with design started and I've realized that it was way long ago when I was a little girl-my mom was the one who always made sure our house was neat, clean, bright and most of the time happy.

No matter how much or less-more less in my youth years - money I had, I always craved for creating homie happy places around me.

So, all the places I lived in had one thing in common: they become homes. Working with a tight budget proved to be very handy earlier in life as not everybody has a generous chunk to make it bright.


Interior Design, UK


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My passion extended and slowly I finished learning about trends, lights, fabrics, spaces, combining aesthetics with the practicality and functionality as we need those too in our life as well. So, first my friends were the ones that had to put up with my passionate battles over a pendant or a throw.

But, where is passion, there is also love. Which brings me to the second thing that I love nearly equal as design: bringing people together.

Most of the people that I have worked for became my friends which was a double gain for me.

I am also very fortunate to work in an environment where I had to meet many very talented people (painters pottery artists, musicians, photographers, reliable builders, caterers, events planners, cake decorators, sewing gurus, private tutors) and many more.

We do have lots in common, but what holds us together is our passion for what we do.

As the last year was a struggle in so many aspects I think it is very important to stick together and continue to do the things that we love. Cause this will help us get through...this and de/redecorating our nests.

So with that being said, on my page I will try to update you with the things that we do and help you to MAKE HEAVEN, your own heaven.

Maria Dolores Popovici

Interior Design Consultant

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