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ART IN CONVERSATION Launching Event 2021

Updated: May 10, 2021

Art In Conversation, a not for profit British organisation and dedicated promoter of the Romanian art & culture worldwide, was launched in a virtual event on 21 April 2021.

The organisation aims to promote Romanian artists and designers, to create a direct connection between artists and audiences across the world and also to introduce and connect British artists with Romania and its cultural realm.

Art In Conversation is about sharing and inspiring a relationship with art through direct conversation with artists.

Art In Conversation will work with representatives and Ambassadors around the world, people of culture and achievements on all sorts of activities; art historians, curators, pianists, TV hosts, etc.

The dedicated web page is easy to navigate and stimulates the senses with its splendid works of art and music and you will feel drawn into the artists world and invited in their workshops for a dialogue.

“Our vision is to encourage and inspire a prevailing relationship with art through direct conversation with artists and to open the hearts and minds of British people about Romania” says Calin Huma, Honorary Consul for Romania in South West England, the platform’s co-founder.

Art In Conversation provides an interactive platform for dialogue between Romanian artists and British audiences and seeks to engage partnerships and collaborations.

The platform aims to widen the perspectives into Romania and its rich and inspiring history, traditions, landscapes and vibrant culture.

“We are looking forward to introducing British artists to this space and invite them to come and create in Romania for determined periods of time. Their works and hearts will carry the spirit of the Romanian lyrical universe wherever they are” added Calin Huma.

The online event took place on Wednesday, April 21st at 6 pm (GMT+1) via Zoom and it was broadcasted live on Facebook and YouTube.

The event was kindly be supported by the Romanian Cultural Institute in London.

For more information please visit:


Ioana Nestorescu-Balcesti

Visual Artist | Art Director

Art in Conversation Gallery

(+44) 07444 077271

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