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Honorary Consul Calin Huma @ TVR International

Calin Huma @ TVR International in a show about roots, identity, passion and values. A success story from Romania beyond borders. A story about passion, performance and desire to promote Romanian cultural values ​​in the world - Art in Conversation ✨✨✨ [excerpt first part of the show] The entire show can be watched here: https: // v = pgU7b ... Also, the show can be accessed on the TVR + platform, on Facebook and Youtube The Second Romania, it is broadcast as follows: On TVR International on Thursday, April 21, at 21.00, on Friday at 04.00 (USA and Canada) and at 12.00 (Australia), on Sunday, at 15.00 and on Monday, at 05.50. On TVR 3, the show is broadcast, on Saturday, at 15.30.

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