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Maia Trutulescu, born in 2010, is a young Romanian painter who has started painting as a child, at only five years old. At the same age she has her first personal exhibition, in a museum, where her artwork was displayed on large-size canvas, which are considered too big to work on for a child her age. Since then, she has five more personal exhibitions and several collective exhibitions along other adult artists.

Many of her artworks have received national and international recognition being awarded in various Visual Arts competitions for young artists. They attracted the Art critics and curators attention, who have started writing specialized articles and reviews about her work.

Painter | Romania

Artist Statement

The structure paste, the paddle knife, the dripping, all remain the main tools of her plastic searches. The sparks of light and vibrations coming from the innocence and candor of one child's soul, are certainly transmitting that joy of life without prejudices and constraints to the viewer of her works. Maia seeks, like any adult artist who understands how art works, ways of self-expression, she experiments, she becomes subtle and makes fine references to plastic discourses with herself and the world she imagines.

She transformed her curiosity into an apparent play with the brush and she works with great seriousness and dedication, approaching the painting on canvas, on large surfaces. Maia Trutulescu chooses her topics and themes specific to her age: flowers, splashes, spots, structures, touches and lines. To define what Maia does, the process is called dripping or action painting but not only, approaching also figurative subjects at first sight. It is a kind of chromatic abstract through which she expresses her feelings that resonate with the painting. This precise thing makes her art to be sincere, direct and credible. Her plastic gesture, however, it is not a violent one, without meaning, but a warm one that impresses by the expressive valences used by those that have experience and skills in this domain. This is exactly the mirage of her works, it captures you within its harmony, depth and freshness. Free in expression, without being yet constrained by that rigor and experience of in-depth study of art, she offers through colour a wide variety of chromatic compositions that leave a mark on viewers through strength, accuracy and harmony.

"I see artworks made by a little child, artworks that resemble extraordinarily well with those of some artists with exhibitions in art galleries. I'm willing to bet on the fact that if some of these works had been exhibited at some adult exhibition, they could have come in without arousing any suspicion from the jury that they were part of a prank. I would like to draw the attention to this dilemma that has at least two sides: look how beautifully this girl paints just like an adult; and the other one, but God, this girl paints like an adult!? Now, put me in the situation to be able to detect where is an emotional relief in these works and where is the fortunate hazard in which a refined harmony takes place on the work in question? ... ”

Petru Galis, painter and graphic artist


2020 - "Pygmalion" Gallery Timisoara - House of Arts

2019 - National Library of Romania, Pergament exhibition hall - Bucharest

2017 - House of Arts - KLAPKA Cultural Cafe (Timis County Directorate for Culture) from Timisoara - personal   painting exhibition "Symphony of Colors"

2017 - Lyceum Gallery of “Sabin Pauta” High School of Arts Resita - exhibition “Chromatic Horizons”

2015 - Museum of Montanous Banat


2021 - Pelisor Castle in Sinaia, the exhibition "Citadel of Arts";

2020 - Art Safari Bucharest, Victoria Tower (the largest event dedicated to art in Romania);

2020 - MogoSoaia Palace, Bucharest - the exhibition of the winners of the Martha Bibescu contest;

2020 - The permanent exhibition organized in the Ionel Perlea Memorial House;

2020 - The intercontinental art exhibition "Our planet, our home" organized by the "Inter-Art" Foundation, a project dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the United Nations - participants from 30 countries;

2019 - The collective exhibition "The Face of God-The Face of Man". University students exhibited Babes Bolyai - Cluj-Napoca, sacred art section and students of the "Sabin Pauta" High School of Arts;

2016 - Bucharest- The collective exhibition “CHROMATIC RHYTHMS” organized by Elite Prof Art Gallery from   Bucharest in collaboration with Crowne Plaza Bucharest Hotel;

2015 - Charity Collective Exhibition-Exhibition organized by the Lions Onix Club;

2015 - Collective painting exhibition - Gorj County Museum.

2018 - The work "Dream of Greater Romania" in the patrimony of the National Museum of Romanian   Literature from Bucharest (Because my great-great-grandfather was one of the 1228 delegates who voted   for the Union of Transylvania with Romania in 1918, I wanted to make a work to pay homage to my   forerunner and the 100 years of Romania, find a place of honor in the National Museum of Romanian   Literature in Bucharest)

2018 - ”MOTHER EARTH” Work that is part of the art library, "Memoirs for the future" of the Center

for UNESCO - Louis Francois of Troyes, France


2021 - First prize at the International Fine Arts Competition ” 145 portrets of Brancusi”, Romania; (536 works).

2021 - First Prize at the Painting Contest "Homage to Stefan Luchian", contest addressed to art high schools in Romania;

2021 - Third Prize at the International Fine Arts Competition "Citadel of Arts", a competition organized by the   Peles National Museum in partnership with the Pro Valores Association, Bucharest;

2020 - Certificate of appreciation - Atlanta, USA, “Picasso Art Contest” contest - 1700 participants out of 40

of countries;

2020 - Winner of the Contest "Odyssey of the young artist", organized by the Cultural Association "Odyssey"   Bucharest and Art Safari;

2020 - Laureate of the International fine arts competition "Ionel Perlea", organized by the Pro Valores   Association, in partnership with the UNESCO Cultural Center "Ionel Perlea";

2020- Third Prize at the “Martha Bibescu” International Fine Arts Competition (the youngest of the winners), competition organized by the Pro Valores Association, in partnership with the Brancovenesti Palaces   Cultural Center, Bucharest;

2020 - Laureate of the fine arts competition, organized by the Artar Cultural Association;

2016- ORDER of the International Painting Salon "Small Arts" - over a thousand works of 518 artists from: USA, Germany, Austria, Australia, Spain, Portugal, Sweden and Romania;

2015-Diploma of excellence awarded by the Caras-Severin County Council, as a sign of recognition of the   contribution to the cultural-artistic values of the mountain Banat;

2015- SPECIAL PRIZE "COLOR SYMPHONY" at the Painting Salon "Small Arts" where they registered 480 competitors from several countries.

Art in Conversation
with Maia Trutulescu

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