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Art in Conversation with Mircea Popitiu


“Mircea Popitiu is an example of budding art. As can be seen on the simes, the themes of the works are: non-figurative, abstract, but also traditional. The artist's training in the maritime field is also found in several works. Mircea Popitiu masters very well both the oil technique and the watercolor ” 

Traian Mârza

Painter | Romania

Artist Statement

For me, true art means the Renaissance, the figurative. Lately, influenced by the Arts Institute, I have sought refuge in both the abstract and the gestural. But true art remains the art in which the artist demonstrates what he/she can. Anyone can make a point, but it depends on the context. Depending on the state of mind I have at a given time, I choose the way I can express and give the soul of a work through the technique I choose at that particular time. If you want to express soul and retina, then choose watercolour. Because it has a special sensitivity, it forces you to work very fast. When colour is needed, I choose oil, because it allows me to think, it allows me to research. And, most of the time, in oil, I choose abstract or non-figurative themes.

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